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Networking Guidelines

Meetings cost £5 to attend. If you bring a guest you receive a free pass to be used at a future meeting. There is no cash alternative offered.
Assuming immediate business may lead to disappointment – successful networking relationships are built over time and should not be forced.
Meeting for 1 – 1 meetings, outside of the networking meeting, may be beneficial and give members the opportunity to discuss, in more detail, their business and discover how they can support and refer each other to other valued members in your network.
Giving testimonials is at the discretion of each member. It is not a requirement and is voluntary.
Aggressive networking is seen, by the committee, as a cause for concern. Aggressive networking includes forcing details from members, constantly contacting members without their consent, visiting members without prior appointment and forcibly making appointments.
Any concern or complaint regarding behaviour at No Frills Networking should be referred to the Chair, who, with the advice of the committee, will address the issues and discuss with any appropriate parties in order to reach understanding and resolution. Any member failing to respect these guidelines or fellow members of No Frills Networking may ultimately be asked to leave the club.